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Super Admins are able to access pages of Private and Private Restricted Sites that they do not own by way of activities



      Here are the steps to reproduce:

      1. Add an SO user and add the user as a connection
      2. Sign out and sign in as the new user
      3. Have the new user add a private site or private restricted site; add a calendar event to the site
      4. Sign out and sign in as Joe Bloggs
      5. Go to Activities

      Expected Result:
      The activity from the site should NOT be visible

      Actual Result:
      The user's calendar event will be visible along with a link to the site. Clicking on the link to the site will also take Joe Bloggs to a full view of the site pages

      This does not occur if the steps are taking place between regular users. This only occurs with the super admin and a regular user.




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