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Announcements Entry performance load if environment contains more than 20,0000 users


    • Affects Portal Version/s:
      6.1.20 EE GA2


      Steps to Reproduce:
      1. Deploy a fresh bundle of 6.1 GA2
      2. Create 20,000 users.
      3. Add the Announcements Portlet to the main page, and under Manage Entries, select General Distribution scope, then add an entry.
      4. Create a test entry and select save.
      5. Back on the main page, under the Entries tab of the Announcements Portlet, the entry should appear immediately.
      6. Deploy Social Office 2.1. Add the Admin user to the new site.
      7. Navigate back to the original page where the Announcements Portlet is in step 2.
      8. Add a new entry, and it should take 20+ minutes to post. This can be confirmed by watching the Database entry also.

      Expected Behavior: The Announcement posts immediately.
      Actual Behavior: It takes 20+ minutes to post.


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                  2.1.0 EE GA3