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When viewing the My Favorites category after clicking Sites Directory, clicking Next will display all of the user's favorite sites including the ones on the previous page


    • Branch Version/s:
      6.2.x, 6.1.x
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    • Affects Portal Version/s:
      6.1.20 EE GA2


      Steps to reproduce this issue:
      1. Unzip a vanilla Liferay 6.1 GA2 bundle, start it and login using the test account.
      2. Create more than 10 sites using the Community Site template in Control Panel. Here I created 5 open sites, 5 private sites and 5 restricted sites.
      3. Add the Sites portlet on any one of the created sites.
      4. Mark all of the newly created sites as the favorite sites of the test account by clicking the five-pointed start icon next to each of the sites.
      5. Click the Sites Directory button in the Sites portlet.
      6. Select My Favorites from the drop-down list, and the first 10 favorite sites are shown in the first page.
      7. Click on Next. All of test's favorites sites, including those from the first page, are shown in the Sites Directory interface.
      The expected behavior is that the sites from the first page will not be shown on the second page.




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                6 years, 39 weeks ago


                Version Package
                2.1.X CE
                2.1.X EE
                3.0 EE GA1
                3.0 CE GA1