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Parameters w/o namespace reset on account creation


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      6.1.30 EE GA3, 6.1.2 CE GA3


      When inviting a new site member by mail, confirmation URL is created such that its redirect parameter is cleared by the Portal. This happens due to the lack of portlet namespace. The check has been introduced with LPS-35309.

      Additionally, redirect URL's key parameter also misses the portlet namespace.

      Besides being a bug on its own, it makes other issues not reproducible on trunk (e.g. SOS-2042).

      Solution can be prepending the portlet namespace to the URL.

      Reproduction Steps

      1. Set up outgoing emails
      2. Deploy Social Office portlets (see the list attached)
      3. Enable SO access for Test user in Control Panel/Users/Social Office Configurations
      4. In the Go To menu, add a site and navigate to it
      5. Invite a new member to the site by email
        1. Select Members tab, click on the link "Invite members to this site"
        2. In the popup dialog, enter a valid email address, add it to the list and send out invitation
      6. Create new account
        1. Find the invitation email in your mailbox
        2. Click the link right after "Follow the link below to confirm or ignore this invitation"
        3. Fill the registration form and submit it
      7. Actual result: Sign In portlet appears with a message like:

        Thank you for creating an account. Your password is XXX. Your password has been sent to YYY.

      Expected result: Your redirected to the New Password form and then to the SO site.


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