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User bar: Users with the user bar are unable to edit page templates


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    • Affects Portal Version/s:
      6.2.0 CE GA1, 6.2.10 EE GA1
    • Portal Fix Version/s:
      6.2.x, 6.2.x EE


      User bar: Users with the user bar are unable to create and edit page templates.

      1. Give your user the SO role.
      2. In the control panel, click on Sites.
      3. Click on Page Templates.
      4. Click to add a new page template.
      5. Name the template My Template and save it.
      6. At the page templates list, click on My Template to edit it.
      7. Click on Open Page Template.
        • javascript:; will appear on the bottom of the page.
        • With firebug you get this message: "Error: No inputNode specified."
      8. Click the add, preview, or edit icons.

      Expected results: Each icon button should respond and open up the panel to add, preview, and edit.

      Actual result: The buttons are unresponsive. Nothing happens and you are unable to edit the page template

      This does not happen when you go to Site Templates and edit a page layout from there. This also does not happen when the user does not have the SO role (and therefore the userbar).




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