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For an admin user, sites portlet gives error after deleting a site you are currently viewing


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      Steps to reproduce (on in.liferay.com)

      Navigate to the dashboard of a site you wish to delete.
      Click on GoTo in the dockbar.
      Find the site you are on currently and hit the delete icon.
      Verify that menu to proceed pops up and clicks ok.
      ---There is no feedback after this point to verify that the site is deleted.

      Click focus back onto dashboard page of the deleted site (do not refresh the page).

      Click on the GoTo menu again and then try to view "More Sites" or "Add Sites".

      Error message is "The requested resource cannot be found"

      Refreshing the page will give a browser error for page not found.

      This experience is not very graceful for the user. Possible solutions:

      1) Prevent users from deleting the site they are on
      2) Redirect after a site you are currently on is deleted.




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