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Members added to site via user group/organization still see buttons to join and/or leave the site


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      6.2.x, 6.2.x EE, 6.1.x, 6.1.x EE


      In general, members that are added to a Social Office site via User Group/Organization should see the same behavior as if they joined the site individually. However, these members should not be able to leave the site unless they leave the User Group/Organization first. They should also not see any buttons to join the site because they are already a member of the site through association with the User Group/Organization.

      Steps to Reproduce:
      1. Deploy Social Office. Configure the admin to be a Social Office user.
      2. Create a User Group.
      3. Make the admin a member of the User Group.
      4. Create a Social Office site with open membership.
      5. In the site's settings, go to Users > Site Memberships.
      6. Remove membership from the admin using the Action drop down menu.
      7. Select Add Members > User Group. Add the User Group.
      8. Navigate to the home page of the site.

      Expected Result: You would not see a button to join the site because the user is already a member of the site by association with the User Group.
      Actual Result: You see a button that says "Join Site" next to the name of the site.

      9. In the dockbar, select Go To > Sites Directory.

      Expected Result: There would not be an icon to leave the Social Office site because the user is associated with the site through the User Group and would need to leave the User Group before they could leave the site.
      Actual Result: There is an icon to leave the Social Office site.

      The issue can also be reproduced using an Organization instead of a User Group.




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