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As a portal administrator, I would like the activities portlet on any page to be the same as that on the user dashboard



      1) Start a Social Office 2.1.0 portal.
      2) Go to a user Dashboard, and notice that the Activities portlet has a menu that allows you to sort which activities are desired to view. Also, the feed only displays the activities of the current user and that user's connections.
      3) Now, on the home page, add the Activities portlet. Notice this menu is not there.
      4) In edit the layout of the page and change the theme to the Social Office theme, making the page a SO page.
      5) The menu is still not there and the feed displays all activities that take place on the site, not just of the current user and that user's connections.

      This feature request is to make these two activities portlets identical in the following ways:
      A) For both to have the menu that appears in the user dashboard.
      B) For both to only display the activities for the current user and that user's connections.




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