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Activities portlet throws an error if a user does not have permission to view a folder containing a recently added file


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      Master, 6.2.x, 6.2.10 EE GA1


      After investigating this LPP-12502, we found the most likely cause was not Social Office, but most likely LPS-46842; probably because Social Office activities pulls up documents that a user doesn't have access to see.

      However, it turns out the issue wasn't LPS-46842 since the fixes for it didn't resolve the Activity Set error. I'm guessing that Social Office needs to be fixed.

      Steps to Reproduce
      1. Create a new Social Office Site
      2. Create a user and give him Social Office access.
      3. Make him a member of the Site that you created in Step 1.
      4. Put a "Documents and Media" portlet on to a page.
      2. Add a new folder without guest permissions. What I mean is in that "Viewable" dropdown, make sure Owner is selected. If you choose Guest, then you will no longer be able to reproduce the issue, even if you manually remove Guest permission - weird I know!
      5. Add a document in the folder, but leave the "Viewable" as Guest, which is the default.
      6. Login as the other user and go to his Social Office Dashboard page.
      You'll see Activity Set stacktrace, same as what was attached in the beginning. If you change the folder permissions and give the User appropriate permissions, then the error doesn't occur anymore.

      See attached ActivitySet-error.txt

      Reproduced in:
      6.2.x 5e893999bce355001543c52626eac196651e9b7b
      6.2.x Plugins a64f044a08fb712882a97cfc140dd3b259d3e8f3

      Reproduced in:
      master 0b472012be80f50157a57ac8c8b15bfc34435deb
      master-plugins 952138cbaa9a256add50f5ea1b9664adaa2447d1

      Couldn't test in:
      7.0.x-plugins 3f66fb9d7f7690bf0ec4747bb2b571d56de380c8
      asked for portal-compat-hook, but 7.0.x-plugins doesn't have it.


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