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Private messaging autocomplete menu does not work for non-SO users


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      Here are the steps to reproduce:

      1. Create a user named User1 User1 with the screen name user1
      2. Create a user named User2 User2 with the screen name user2
      3. For each user, add the private messaging portlet to their dashboard page (My Dashboard)
      4. Have User1 try to send User2 a message. Begin by typing User2's name into the recipient field.
      5. Sign in as Test Test and give Test Test the SO role
      6. Go to Dashboard -> Messages
      7. Try to send a message to User2. Begin by typing User2's name into the recipient field.

      Expected result:

      At steps 4 and steps 7, when the name "User2" is typed into the recipient field, a dropdown menu should appear containing User2's name and screenname:

      User2 User2 <user2>

      Actual result:

      No dropdown will appear.

      The workaround is to type in the user's name and screen name manually like this:

      User2 User2 <user2>

      If this is done, a message can be sent.

      To summarize, a non-SO user cannot view the autocomplete menu at all, regardless if the message is intended for an SO or non-SO user. A regular SO user also cannot view any non-SO users in the autocomplete menu.


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