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Non admins in mobile view shouldn't see pencil icon if they don't have page control permissions


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      Tablet, Smartphone


      In mobile view, the userbar pencil icon should not appear if a user does not have permissions to use any of the page control permissions in that menu.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Resize the browser or view on a mobile device
      2. Click on the pencil icon as an admin and assert that Add, Edit, and Edit Controls appears in the dropdown.
      3. Add a regular user with the SO role and login as that user
      4. Click on the pencil icon as regular user and assert that nothing displays and the button doesn't appear to do anything.

      Expected Results:
      A regular user should not be able to click or see the pencil icon if he doesn't have permissions to see or use any of the options in that menu.

      Actual results:
      A regular user can click on the pencil icon, but since he does not have permissions, the dropdown has no options and is invisible, making it seem like the pencil icon is a broken or nonfunctional button to the user.


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