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Mobile Userbar dropdown submenus do not expand when tapped using a mobile device


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      Tablet, Smartphone


      The submenus of the SO userbar do not expand properly when tapped on a mobile device. They remain expanded only as long as the user keeps his finger hovering over the submenu, but will immediately collapse when the user releases his tap

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Tap on the profile picture icon while using a mobile device
      2. Tap on Admin, My Sites, or the user name (Default: Test Test)
      3. Assert that the submenu opens up only while the user holds the tap, but it collapses again when user lets go.

      Expected results:
      User should be able to tap once to expand the submenu

      Actual results:
      User has to hold the tap to see the submenu which means he cant release to tap on any of the submenu options

      NOTE: The notifications submenu worked as intended during testing and did not show the same behavior as the other submenus.


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