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Site Directory appears in the dockbar for non SO users if you resize browser to mobile view


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      The Site Directory becomes visible to non SO users if the browser is resized to mobile view.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Deploy SO and create a non SO user
      2. Login as non SO user and assert that you can't see the Site Directory in the dockbar
      3. Resize the browser so that mobile view displays
      4. Click on the profile picture and assert that the Site Directory displays
      5. Resize the browser so that it goes back to desktop view
      6. Assert that the site directory now displays even in desktop view

      Expected Results:
      A non SO user should never see the Sites Directory in their dock bar

      Actual Results:
      A non SO user can see the Sites Directory if they resize to mobile view, and the Site Directory then persists even if they switch back to desktop view.

      See attached gif for a visualization of this issue.


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