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If an SO User disables notifications for connection requests or site inviations, he cannot connect to other users or join private sites


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      If an SO User disables notifications for connection requests (or site inviations), he cannot view, accept, or ignore requests from other users, meaning that if other users attempt to connect with him, their requests will forever remain in the "Connection Requested" state, even if the original user turns notifications back on.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Disable notifications for connection requests for User A
      2. Login as User B and send a connection request to User A
      3. Login as User A and assert no notification of a request is sent
      4. Login as User B and see that the connection is still in "Connection Requested" state

      Expected results:
      If a user has disabled connection request notifications, then all connection requests should default to "Ignore" so that other users could send the request again later if they reenable notifications.

      Alternatively, it might be a good idea to give User B a way to view and accept/deny connection requests even if they have disabled notifications in the notifcations portlet

      Actual results:
      When User A sends the connection request, it gets put into "Connection Requested" state indefinitely, and nothing that User A or User B does will remove this status.

      Even sending the connection the other way from User A to user B will not fix it. It is possible using this method to have the user be in both "Connection Requested" and "Connected" status by sending a connection request the other direction and having user B accept User A's connection request.)

      The steps listed above can be followed for site membership invitations to private sites for the same result. If you get invited to a private site with notifications off, there is no way for you to join the site unless an admin manually adds you via the control panel.




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