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Notifications to be in reverse chronological order


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      Base portal version is 6.1.30
      Hotfix from LPP-12654 resolves issue where notifications in SO were not displayed in chronological order. Customer would now like it in reverse chronological order, where latest is at the top.
      Steps to Reproduce:
      1. Install SO 2.1.0 and hotfix-1217-6130.zip
      2. Create 5 users: aoeu1.snth, aoeu2.snth, aoeu3.snth, aoeu4.snth, aoeu5.snth and add them to SO (I tested with 5, but started seeing the behaviour with 3)
      3. Sequentially login as each user and submit a contact request to Test Test
      4. Back in Test Test, look at the notifications. If done sequentially, it should show display in ascending numerical order (oldest at the top)
      Result: Requests are shown out of order, ie 1,2,3.4,5
      Expected: Customer expects requests should be shown in descending order 5,4,3,2,1
      5. Again, sequentially log in as each user and send a private message to Test Test
      something like M1, M2, M3, etc... so the order is easy to see.
      6. Login again as Test Test and look at the notifications.
      Result: Same as above. Requests are not in descending order.
      Expected: Same as above. Requests should be in descending numerical order.


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