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SO Configurations does not take into account whether or not users have the Power User role


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      Here are the steps to reproduce the issue:

      1. Go to Control Panel
      2. Go to Portal Settings -> Users -> Default User Associations
      3. Remove Power User and User from the Roles field and click Save
      4. Add a user WITHOUT the SO role
      5. Go to SO Configurations
      6. Flag the new user and click Save
      7. Sign out and sign as the new user
      8. Go to Dashboard

      Expected result:

      The user should see their Dashboard portlets

      Actual result:

      There will be permission errors all over the Dashboard

      This is due to the fact that the SO Configurations simply adds an SO role to the user, but if the user doesn't have the Power User role, the user will be missing several permissions in their personal sites (See SOS-2399).

      To remedy this, the SO Configurations should automatically add the Power User role to any user that doesn't already have it when assigning the SO role.




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