Enable a site to leverage an external storage repository, such as google docs, for content.

      -When I upload a word document in SO, it is uploaded into gdocs as a word document
      -When I upload a word doc into gdocs, it shows up as a document in SO under the appropriate site or page (container)

      Each site/container has a corresponding folder in google docs (SO being the owner of the overall repo)
      -If documents are moved from one site to another, they would move from one folder to another in gdocs (and vice versa)
      -If a document is moved, permissions to the document are removed from the old location (by user) and applied on the new location (by user)
      -sharing in the external repo could be turned off or this could simply be a policy to not share via this method (basically we don't care what they're doing on that side, we have ours)

      I'm certain there is plenty more to this implementation which needs to be though out and solutioned, but it would be amazing to have bring the office document solution we currently use into the structure of our SO portal.




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