I ran into a feature request by a client who asked if it would be possible to include an image directly into a Microblog post.

      User A has a an issue with a product, he is in need of help. He takes a picture of the object and wants to share this with his peers on the Social Office Portal. He creates a Microblog post. He then clicks the "Add image" button. This will bring up a model window (popup) which allows him to browse his device.
      He then selects his picture. Enters the text he would like to to enter in the Microblog and clicks the post button.

      In the timeline (Activities portlet) of his peers the microblog is shown along with a small preview of the image he took and added to the post.

      Now User B can click on the small image in the time line and this will bring up a model window (popup) with a detailed view of the image.
      He can also place a comment like normal onto the microblog post in order to communicate with his peer (User A).

      Could this be possible?
      I know the implementation on a PC/Mac will be less difficult as for Mobile you need authorisation to interact with the device. That I presume will be more difficult.

      It would be great to have a feature like this as the Microblog has more potential for quick and fast communication then the Private Message portlet in a scenario like this.

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