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Site invite emails should automatically take a user to the requests section of the notifications portlet


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      Here are the steps to reproduce the issue:

      1. Configure the portal to use a valid email address for sending emails via Server Administration
      2. Add an SO site
      3. Go to the SO site -> Members
      4. Invite a member using an email address
      5. Go to the email where the invite was sent; click on the email and click the first link
      6. Follow the links to create an account, set a password, and answer the password question
      7. Either continue on or click the second link in the email

      Expected result:

      The site invite should be immediately visible. This would mean that the user should be redirected to the "Requests" section of the portlet

      Actual result:

      The user is re-directed to the notifications section of the portlet, where there will be nothing visible. The user is forced to take an extra step and manually click on the Requests section before viewing the site invite.

      This setup is currently somewhat misleading, especially for new users who are not familiar with notifications. A user generally doesn't expect to take an extra step to view a notification through an email link unless there are instructions that specifically say so.




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