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Users should be able to unsubscribe from assets they are subscribed to through the notifications portlet.



      This story would require us to implement subscriptions for any assets that send notifications. We would then be able to unsubscribe from those assets.

      Users should be able to unsubscribe from notifications when they see them. Thus it should be possible to unsubscribe from the dockbar notifications as well as the manage view of the notifications portlet.

      Subscriptions should be based on assets, such as a document, blog, parent microblog, forum thread.

      From Notifications users should only be able to unsubscribe from a single asset, not a group of assets. For instance, they should be able to unsubscribe from a forum thread, but not a forum category.

      After a user has unsubscribed from an asset, they can be resubscribed by performing an action that would bring about a subscription.

      Should clicking "Unsubscribe" dismiss that notification?




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