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Private messaging: links are converting punctuation or closing parenthesis into the hyperlink


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      Links are converting punctuation or closing parenthesis into the hyperlink.

      1. Go to the Messages page.
      2. Send a private message to yourself that contains "http://www.liferay.com)" in the body or "http://www.liferay.com."
      3. View the message and click on the hyperlink.

      Expected result: I will be redirected to the Liferay homepage and the URL will show only "http://www.liferay.com" in either examples.

      Actual result: I get a page not found error and the URL shows "http://www.liferay.com)".

      For example, when I sent this as a private message to someone:

      The issue with not being able to update your profile picture was recently fixed (https://issues.liferay.com/browse/SOS-2463) and now we're waiting for a patch for in.liferay.com (https://www.liferay.com/group/customer/support/-/support/ticket/LIFERAYSO-16). Thanks for being patient as we work to resolve this issue!

      the closing parenthesis became part of the hyperlink in the message body. When my recipient clicked on the links to try to read the tickets, she got a 'ticket does not exist' message and the url shows "https://issues.liferay.com/browse/SOS-2463)".


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