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Own announcements cannot be deleted or edited from the Social Office Announcements portlet


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      Master, 6.2.0 CE GA1
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      6.2.x EE, master


      Steps to reproduce

      1. Add an Announcements portlet and also a Social Office Announcements portlet to a page.
      2. Assign permission: "Site Settings" > "Resource Permissions" > "Manage Announcements" to role "User"
      3. Assign permission: "Announcements" > "Application Permissions" > "Add Entry" to role "User"
      4. Assign permission: "Announcements" > "Application Permissions" > "View" to role "User"
      5. Assign permission: "Announcements" > "Resource Permissions" > "View" to role "User"
      6. Note: no Update or Delete permission is assigned for the announcement resource.
      7. Create test user A
      8. Add user to site Liferay
      9. Login as user A
      10. Create a new announcement from the SO Announcements portlet and refresh the Announcement portlet.
      11. Assert that you can see the announcement in both portlets, with a difference: in the Announcements portlet you see the Delete and Edit buttons, but they are missing in the SO Announcements portlet.
      If you go back and give and add also the Delete and Update permissions "Announcements" > "Resource Permissions" to role User and then log in again with A, you can see that now you can see the two buttons in both portlets. The problem with this is that, if you would create another announcement as another user (e.g. Test Test), A will see these two buttons for that announcement as well, not only for his own announcements. But if you take these two permissions from the role, user A will not be able to delete or edit not even his own announcements from the SO Announcement portlet.




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