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Portlet: Social Office Announcements does not have needed permissions


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      Windows 8
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      GlassFish 3.0
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      NOTE! "Announcements" and "Social Office Announcements" are 2 different portlets. I am talking about "Social Office Announcements" one. "Announcements" portlet comes by default with Liferay portal while "Social Office Announcements" portlet comes with Social Office CE.
      Resource permissions does not exist for this portlet. As a result I can not assign permission to roles for example "Add Entry". I am stuck with only "Administrator" and "Site Administrator" roles being able to add/manage entries.

      Steps for reproduce:
      1. Log in with administrator user
      2. Enter Control Panel
      3. Enter Users
      4. Enter Roles
      5. Choose a Role which you want to have the permission to "Add Entry", for example "User"
      6. Select "Define permissions" option
      7. Follow this path to Social Office Announcements portlet permissions:
      Site Administration -> Applications -> Social Office Announcements.

      Actual result:
      "Add Entry" does not exist.
      Expected result:
      There is an ability to assign a permission to add "Social Office Annoucements" entry.

      BONUS! I have tried a suggested solution which has no effect.
      Steps for reproduce:
      1. Create a new "Regular Role".
      2. Create a new user.
      3. Define permission "Sites > Site: Manage Announcements" for the role.
      4. Assign the role to the user
      5. Add the user to "Site Members"
      6. Impersonate the user

      Actual result:
      The user is not able to "Add Entry" in "Social Office Announcements" without "Administrator" or "Site administrator" roles.
      Expected result:
      The user is abble to "Add Entry".




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