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If you set for Private Messaging portlet to show only five messages per page and you open a message then you click on the back button the settings will be set back to the default ones


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      Master, 6.2.x, 6.2.10 EE GA1


      Reproduction steps:
      1. Create a user
      2. Deploy Social Office
      3. Give Social Office access for the two users (Test and the created one)
      3. Send at least 6 messages to the created user
      4. Configure the PM portlet to show only 5 messages per page
      5. Click on a message to open message details
      6. Click on back link next to the message title

      Actual behavior: you can see that the settings hasn't been saved, 20 messages per page displayed again

      Expected behavior: still 5 messages per page should be displayed as you set before




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