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Make it possible to disable that a Social Office User can make changes on the site templates



      It would be very nice, if I can control that a Social Office User can not make some changes on a Site which refers to the Social Office Site Templates. (Default Social Office Site, Social Office User Home, Social Office User Profile)
      The Social Office "Framework" should not be changeable, so each Site looks same.

      I don't want that a User can add portlets to his site or a social office site. Also I don't want, that a User can change the positions of the portlets, because this is very bad to administrate if each site looks different.
      It should be possible, that only the portal administrator can specify how the sites looks like via the Site Templates. (Portlet Positions, Available Portlets, etc.)
      So the User does not have the function "Edit Controls".
      By Facebook or other Social Media Sites, I can also not make changes of the Site Templates, each sites looks same from the structure.

      I have tried to do this via the Roles Definitions and this works great by the User Personal Sites (Social Office User Home and Social Office User Profile), but if a Social Office User creates a new Site, he is automatically a "Site Owner" and there I can not define permissions for this role.
      Also it is not possible via the roles, to disable the function that you can move portlets.




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