LDAP not importing users to log in to SO

      01 Have Apache Directory Server .2 installed and running
      02 Have JXplorer 3.2 I stalled and running
      03 User enters the following information:
      04 Host: localhost
      05 Port: 10389
      06 Protocol: LDAP v3
      07 DSML Service:
      08 Base DN:
      09 Level: User + Password
      10 UserDN: uid=admin,ou=System
      11 Password: secret
      12 User clicks [Save]
      13 User enters a name in the [Name] field
      14 User clicks [OK]
      15 User right clicks [example] below com
      16 User clicks [New]
      17 User enters [dc=example,dc=com] in the Parent DN field
      18 User enters [ou=Users] in the Enter RDN field
      19 User clicks [organizationalunit] and clicks Add
      20 User clicks [top] and clicks Add
      21 User clicks [OK]
      22 User verifies that the objectClass is [organizationalUnit]
      23 User verifies that the secont objectClass is [top]
      24 User clicks [Submit]
      25 User verifies that the ou is [Users]
      26 User right clicks [Users] from the left navigation
      27 User selects [New]
      28 User enters [ou=Users,dc=example,dc=com] for the Parent DN
      29 User enters [cn=janesmith] for the Enter RDN field
      30 User selects [inetOrgPerson] from the Available Classes menu
      31 User clicks [OK]
      32 User enters [Smith] for sn
      33 User enters [Jane] for givenName
      34 User enters [] for mail
      35 User enters [test] for UserPassword
      36 User clicks [Submit]
      37 User starts application server
      38 User logs in as admin admin
      39 User clicks on [Control Panel]
      40 User clicks on [Settings]
      41 User clicks on [Authentication]
      42 User clicks [LDAP]
      43 User thecks the [Enabled] checkbox
      44 User clicks [Save]
      45 User clicks [LDAP]
      46 User clicks [Add] under LDAP Servers
      47 User clicks the [Apache Directory Server] radio button
      48 User clicks [Reset Values]
      49 User enters [secret] in the Credentials field
      50 User clicks [Save]
      51 User clicks [LDAP]
      52 User flags the [Import Enabled] checkbox
      53 User flags the [Use LDAP Password Policy] checkbox
      54 User clicks [Save]
      55 User logs out
      56 User logs in as [janesmith]

      System fails to log in




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