Users are unable to be invited by e-mail address. When the User clicks the link sent by the system, the User is sent to the log in screen. As soon as the User logs in, whether they have an account or not, the announcements portlet fails to display the Confirmation message to be added to the site. This makes it impossible for users to be invited to Private sites by e-mail address.

      1. Configure Social Office onto a portal instance (
      2. Configure the Mail settings
      3. Add a site
      4. Go to the site and invite a user through Members by E-mail address
      5. Log onto the e-mail address and click on the link
      6. Sign up for an account and log in

      • The System fails to display the confirmation message to allow the user to join the site.

      == Work Around ==
      Instead, have users apply for their accounts. Then have the admin send the invites from the sites by their Social Office account.


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