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Message should be marked as read in the messages page if user clicks "Mark as Read" under notifications



      A message is still marked as unread after a user selects "Mark as Read" from notifications. The only way mark a message as read is by actually viewing a message

      Here are the steps to reproduce the original issue:

      1. Create a new user
      2. Send a message to the new user
      3. Log in as the new user
      4. Go to notifications and select "Mark as Read"
      5. Go to Messages
      6. The message will still have a light blue background, indicating that it is still marked as read.

      Also, if a user reads a message without clicking "Mark as Read" from notifications, the message will still be visible in notifications with "Mark as Read" available even though the user has already read the message.

      Notifications and messages themselves are separate. The improvement should be that if a message is marked as read in notifications, it should be marked as read in messages. Also, if a user reads a message under the messages page, the message notification should also disappear.




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