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      There are a number of irregularities with Related Content:

      1. Clicking on any related content while you are drilled down into any portlet takes you back to the portlet's home view. This is dis-orienting and takes away from the value of being able to see related content in context; which is to be able to see the two content items side by side.

      a. In Forums, if you are viewing a thread, you're taken to the main Categories list
      b. In Wiki, if you're on any non-FrontPage page, you're taken back to the front page
      c. In Doc Lib, if you're drilled down to a sub-folder, you're taken back to the top level
      d. In Blogs, if you're viewing a specific blog, you're taken back to the main Blogs page.

      2. Clicking on a document takes you to a view where you see the document name again, with a link below where you can download the document, and a link to "View folder". This step is really redundant; it should be that from the related content main view, clicking on the doc downloads it, and there is a right triangular arrow that takes you directly to the containing folder.

      3. Currently when you do Click "View Folder" on a related content doc, it takes you to a maximized view with no related content and no left sidebar.

      4. Being able to edit related content items directly from the list has some benefits, but the User Experience currently leaves much to be desired. For this and the Activity Tracker, we need to decide how to deal with the migration to full AJAX based windowing. If you click edit from here, and if you click on an activity item (e.g., a newly added Calendar event), currently you are taken to a full screen view or edit mode. When everything is AJAXified, it will be expected that these cases will also use AJAX.


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