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Behavior when Deleting and re-adding a Synced Site is inconsistent between Desktop Client and the Mobile app


    • Regression Bug
    • Status: Open
    • Minor
    • Resolution: Unresolved
    • Desktop-3.4.0 GA1, Connector-4.0.3
    • None
    • Mobile - Android, Testing
    • None
    • 7.0.x


      Note Steps require 2+ Users, one of which is (also) a Mobile User

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Add a new Site, 'Sync Site'
      2. In DM, add a Basic Document, 'First Doc'
      3. Enable Sync for portal, and the created Site
      4. Connect the Mobile device (Android, in our testing) to 'Sync Site'
      5. User1, with some files synced and accessible in the SDC folder (add some files, if necessary), delete the Portal Site they're being added to
      6. User2, assert the files are removed on your local SDC - if they aren't removed within 15 seconds, refresh the folder and assert the files are gone
      7. User1 or User2, re-add the 'Sync Site' and configure it to work with SDC again

      Expected result:
      Deleting the Sync Site and reconnecting to it will have the same reconnecting behavior across Desktop and Mobile.

      Actual result:
      SDC requires that the User reconnect to the new 'Sync Site'. The Android app will connect to the new site upon refreshing the app.




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