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As an Instance Admin I can set Audience Targeting Analytics storage to a different DB schema


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      In order to separate the storage of analytics data from the Liferay DB Schema, an Instance admin should be able to configure an alternative DB Schema for Audience Targeting Analytics storage.

      The UX should be similar for the one defined for the LCS connector in WCM-1294. For the local storage, the Liferay schema is enabled by default. If the External schema is selected, the DB schema fields (host, etc) are shown.

      How to test this story

      1. Create a separate DB schema:
      2. Configure external analytics storage. Go to Control Panel -> Configuration -> System Settings, on the Web Experience tab choose Audience Targeting Analytics Storage and configure external datasource if needed (see attached screenshot). By default Audience Targeting uses common Liferay datasource.
      3. After external datasource configuration saving it is necessary to restart Audience Targeting Analytics component, as Administrator go to Control Panel -> Apps -> App Manager, in the App Suite panel choose Liferay Audience Targeting. In the modules list click vertical ellipsis on Analytics element, execute Deactivate action and after that execute Activate action on the same element.
      4. From this moment on, analytics data is stored in the separate DB Schema.

      How to validate this story

      • Perform some actions as a user (e.g. visit some pages). Check that CT_Analytics tables in the default schema do not contain new information. Instead, the same tables in the separate schema
      • Rules based on user interaction (Content Visited Rule, Page Visited Rule and Score Points) should work as usual
      • Reports built from analytics data (User Segment - Content Views, Campaign - Content Views and Custom Reports) should work as usual


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