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Add Flexibility for Audience Targeting User Segment Rules to Include "Match Any"


    • Type: Feature Request
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    • Priority: Minor
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    • Component/s: Content Targeting


      When using user custom fields (using checkboxes) in defining Audience Targeting user segment rules, the User Segment Content Display portlet will fail unless the checkbox configurations in the user's profile and user segment match exactly. A new feature is being requested to allow for a successful trigger when any of the user profile's checkboxes match any of the user segment rules. Following is a use-case scenario of what is being requested:

      1. Start DXP with Audience Targeting
      2. Navigate to Control Panel > Configuration > Custom Fields > User
      3. Add new custom field
      4. Under "Type", select Selection of Text Values and Save
      5. Edit new custom field and under "Values", type in Checkbox 1, Checkbox 2, Checkbox 3, Checkbox 4 (use <return> so their on their own lines)
      6. Under "Display Type", select Checkbox and Save
      7. Navigate to Control Panel > Users > Users and Organizations
      8. Edit an existing user
      9. Click on the Miscellaneous tab and under Custom Fields, select Checkbox 1 and Checkbox 2 and then Save
      10. Go to your site and navigate to Configuration > Audience Targeting
      11. Add a new User Segment
      12. Under "Rules", click on User Attributes and drag the "Custom Field from the user's profile" into the Rules section
      13. Click on Select, then click Checkbox 1 option and Save
      14. Go to a site and add the User Segment Content Display portlet
      15. Configure the portlet and select If the user "belongs" to "Any" of the following user segments, then select the new User Segment
      16. Add a piece of content to be displayed, then Save
      17. Go to site and view User Segment Content Display portlet

      This Feature Request would add the option that allows for this use-case: Any one of the user's profile matches one of the user segment rules, the logic would pass and the piece of content will be displayed. For example, if the user's profile has two boxes checked ("Liferay" and "DXP") and the user segment rule has one box checked ("Liferay"), then the content is displayed.




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