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Cannot set number of content to display in Audience Targeting's report




      In Audience Targeting's report, user cannot change the number of content to display. It always changes back to the default value 20 per page.

      Reproduction Steps

      1. Configuration > Mobile Device Families to create a new device family named "iPhone"
      2. Configuration > Audience Targeting > User Segments
      3. Input "Mobile" for name, from Session Attribute, drag Device to the panel then select "iPhone" from Device Family selection
      4. Save the record
      5. Create six pages: World News, Weather & Event, Service, Nation, Footer, Announcements. View those pages for several times to create the report
      6. Configuration > Audience Targeting > User Segments and click on Mobile > Reports
      7. Click the three dots by Content Views and click Update Report (Must run this otherwise there is no data generated for the report).
      8. Click Content Views
      9. Scroll down to the bottom and change "20 Entries" to "5 Entries"

      Actual Result: The page is refreshed and still display the same entries. 
      Expected Result: The page shows 5 entries and add pagination.




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