Release Notes - PUBLIC - Liferay Portal Community Edition - Version 6.2.5 CE GA6 - HTML format


  • [LPS-31943] - Unable to post files from JSONWS API page
  • [LPS-48585] - Document Library with DBStore images get 404 with SSL
  • [LPS-48903] - Check generics for excluded types for JSONWS methods, too
  • [LPS-49558] - Upgrading from 6.1 to 6.2ga2 fails: Incorrect string value: '...' for column 'description'
  • [LPS-51841] - Arabic file name causes hibernate DataException
  • [LPS-53444] - Unable to add message board attachment via JSON
  • [LPS-55728] - Cannot set priority and message format when adding message board post with attachment via JSON API
  • [LPS-60026] - After successful authentication from OpenAM liferay not redirecting to requested URL
  • [LPS-60203] - Validation for file input is triggered before a file is uploaded.
  • [LPS-60587] - Partially revert LPS-58127. Instead create an opt-out for custom validator required.
  • [LPS-60993] - Wiki Export LAR - Failed -java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 2 (only dates after 11/11/2015)
  • [LPS-61107] - NullPointerException when adding documents through JSON (affects SYNC and Screens)
  • [LPS-61121] - Create account email field does not give a consistent validation message
  • [LPS-61341] - Can't publish empty non-required field
  • [LPS-61479] - Unable to add message board attachment via JSON
  • [LPS-66126] - Unable to upload JPG image in user add , user profile edit , profile edit screen
  • [LPS-66567] - Author is not updated when editing the content
  • [LPS-67258] - Structure permission doesn't work when you use custom roles.
  • [LPS-69411] - Cannot add pages after upgrading to EE

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