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Released: 03/May/10

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Unreviewed Code

These issues have been marked complete but the commits are not part of a pull request or review.

MinorBugLPS-3311ClassCastException when use RenderRequestWrapperDale ShanClosed33 commits
MinorTechnical TaskLPS-8347Fatal error when deploying invalid workflow definitionsMarcellus TavaresClosed1 commit
MinorTechnical TaskLPS-8376Add display of workflow definition's status in the definition admin portletMarcellus TavaresClosed2 commits
MinorTechnical TaskLPS-8377Add ability to activate and deactivate a workflow definitionMarcellus TavaresClosed1 commit
MinorTechnical TaskLPS-8378Deletion of workflow definition must ensure no workflow instances are incomplete for the associated definition versionMarcellus TavaresClosed1 commit
MinorTechnical TaskLPS-8380Create mechanism to retrieve active, non-active, and all workflow definitionsMichael HanClosed2 commits
MinorTechnical TaskLPS-8381Allow for internationalization of display name for a workflow definitionMarcellus TavaresClosed2 commits
MinorTechnical TaskLPS-8382Modify deployWorkflowDefinition to remove definition Name. Definition Name should come from the definition xml.Michael HanClosed2 commits
MinorTechnical TaskLPS-8383Allow for specification of a due date in the workflow definition xmlMichael HanClosed2 commits
MinorBugLPS-8449Evaluate the wsrp-preferOperation parameter during a getResource operationSE SupportClosed3 commits
MinorTechnical TaskLPS-8565Allow workflow engine to add roles to the portal after parsing a definitonMichael HanClosed2 commits
MinorTechnical TaskLPS-8577Allow for notifications to be sent from workflow when a task assignment changesMichael HanClosed1 commit
MinorBugLPS-8641Solr Search a tag with multiple words fails when search term is not the first word of the tag name Daeyoung SongClosed2 commits
MinorTechnical TaskLPS-8679Deploy sample workflow definitions with jbpm-webMarcellus TavaresClosed2 commits
MinorTechnical TaskLPS-8733Add ability to specify the pooled actors with the role name (jbpm-web)Marcellus TavaresClosed4 commits
MinorBugLPS-8735Plugins SDK "direct-deploy" task to directly deploy a plugin bypassing hot deploySE SupportClosed1 commit
MinorBugLPS-8758Make LPS-8305 a property because it breaks WebDAV standards.Ryan ParkClosed3 commits
MinorBugLPS-8788Document Library download url's are incorrect when there are special charactersRyan ParkClosed1 commit
MinorBugLPS-8807Set the type to System when creating a new community for a new WSRPProducerThiago Leão MoreiraClosed1 commit
MinorBugLPS-8817Upgrade to Tomcat 6.0.26SE SupportClosed1 commit
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