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Released: 20/Dec/11

Release Notes

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Unreviewed Code

These issues have been marked complete but the commits are not part of a pull request or review.

MinorBugLPS-8132validation error of webform field label length, file to save, destination adresses and subject of the mailMark JinClosed8 commits
MinorTechnical TaskLPS-8140Update templates for HTML5 / AccessibilityJonathan NealClosed3 commits
MinorBugLPS-15381Individual Page LAR ExportSE SupportClosed6 commits
MinorBugLPS-18949Ability to translate Roles description SE SupportClosed4 commits
MinorTechnical TaskLPS-18958List description is not being shown in the search container (configuration view of DDL Form plugin)Marcellus TavaresClosed2 commits
MinorBugLPS-19063Exceptions display after deploying solr-web.war Oriana ThamClosed4 commits
MinorBugLPS-19145Allow notifications to the author of an assetSE SupportClosed6 commits
MinorTechnical TaskLPS-19151Create social bookmarks hookSE SupportClosed4 commits
MajorBugLPS-19234Test Hook Portlet: com.liferay.portal.service.UserLocalService=FAILEDCatherine LuiClosed4 commits
MinorBugLPS-19257Some themes cannot be deployed due to compatibility issuesAsikaer AlamujiangClosed6 commits
MajorBugLPS-19380Subscriptions are been improperly deleted for users that are not members of that communityPani GuiClosed6 commits
MinorBugLPS-19399Kaleo fails to approve content.Justin ChoiClosed2 commits
MajorBugLPS-19423Maven liferay plugin doesn't produce *-portlet-service.jar as Ant build does - JSONWebServiceConfigurator expects it to existMika KoivistoClosed1 commit
MinorTechnical TaskLPS-19431Improve markup of calendar portletJulio CamareroClosed1 commit
MinorBugLPS-19503Allow several destinations in emailMark JinClosed8 commits
MajorBugLPS-19510Refactor DL to use File object as much as possibleSE SupportClosed6 commits
MajorRegression BugLPS-19524Mail Portlet does not build.Shinn LokClosed8 commits
MajorRegression BugLPS-19525OpenSocial Portlet does not build.Shinn LokClosed6 commits
MajorRegression BugLPS-19531SevenCogs does not build.Shinn LokClosed2 commits
MinorBugLPS-19551Include from address as a portlet propertySE SupportClosed10 commits
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