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  • [LPS-12200] - Connection leak on ConnectionHeartbeatJob
  • [LPS-14452] - Under heavy Load Liferay throws java.util.ConcurrentModificationException
  • [LPS-15352] - Users are unable to login to the portal
  • [LPS-16336] - When editing Organization as non-omniadmin user, you get organization parent assigned to itself
  • [LPS-18755] - Scoped blog email notification URL navigates to a page that does not exist.
  • [LPS-26331] - Abou the message boards
  • [LPS-26486] - TAGSASSET CLASSPK does not correspond to JOURNALARTICLE ARTICLEID in a very small persentage of cases
  • [LPS-44337] - Web Form portlet fails to validate checkbox fields

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