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  • [SYNC-539] - Context menus do not display UTF-8 characters correctly
  • [SYNC-840] - Only download files from portal when file content has changed
  • [SYNC-994] - Uninstaller not removing .liferay-sync folder in XP
  • [SYNC-1053] - Test code and files are being included in the builds
  • [SYNC-1056] - On startup sync fails to parse DLSync list therefore files fail to download and sync correctly
  • [SYNC-1059] - Year out of range in LR Sync query using Oracle DB
  • [SYNC-1060] - When changing an illegal folder name to a legal folder name the child files of the folder do not upload
  • [SYNC-1061] - When you drag and drop a folder with child files into the sync folder, the child files are not uploaded
  • [SYNC-1062] - Sync always downloads all of the dlsync events and does not update the time marker for downloads
  • [SYNC-1063] - Build file causing errors including Nativity jar
  • [SYNC-1068] - Sync still tries to upload files when the parent has failed to upload because it is ignored
  • [SYNC-1072] - File is not locally deleted for a user with read only permissions
  • [SYNC-1073] - Upon Deleting root folder and all files on server sync creates the remotely deleted folders locally
  • [SYNC-1075] - Refactor account props to a separate table to simplify code to move and change sites
  • [SYNC-1077] - Add log entries when sync is shut down on files that have errored and why
  • [SYNC-1078] - Decouple listeners to provide more flexability in event handling
  • [SYNC-1082] - Third party repositories are exposed as DM folders allowing users to upload content
  • [SYNC-1084] - Unable to sync when there is a redirect
  • [SYNC-1095] - Sync shows organization sites even when no sites are configured
  • [SYNC-1098] - Local files not synced to the portal when using Apache and https
  • [SYNC-1101] - Files added to the portal not synced to local folder when using Apache and https
  • [SYNC-1109] - Move get User Sites and license information out of UI to backend
  • [SYNC-1111] - Sign new MSI installers
  • [SYNC-1115] - New installer not removing old sync installation entry in the add/remove programs
  • [SYNC-1116] - Sync Breaks When Moving Excel File while they are being edited
  • [SYNC-1122] - Sync Complete Installer fails to install java and therefore fails to install Sync
  • [SYNC-1132] - Nativity Monitor attempting to update file badges before sync is started
  • [SYNC-1138] - Bottom portion of windows cut off when font size is increased in Windows
  • [SYNC-1141] - Sync continues to retry connections even when account state is bad
  • [SYNC-1143] - Sync launches from the installer and doesn't find jnotify
  • [SYNC-1152] - Only allow one sync now event at at time
  • [SYNC-1153] - List ignored files in log files on shutdown
  • [SYNC-1164] - Notification popup can't be closed
  • [SYNC-1174] - Syncing fails when site name contains illegal operating system characters
  • [SYNC-1182] - File restored from trash gets stuck in uploading state
  • [SYNC-1192] - A file with an illegal file name that is remotely renamed to a legal file name is not downloaded
  • [SYNC-1200] - Offline Modified File Doesn't upload
  • [SYNC-1202] - Use standard updater for Mac instead of Sparkle

Regression Bug

  • [SYNC-1126] - Overlays do not display in Windows
  • [SYNC-1177] - Sync does not sync files after changing root folders and restarting sync


  • [SYNC-1162] - Remove Pause and Sync Now menu items

Technical Task

  • [SYNC-1180] - Enable SSO authentication for requests made by Sync

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