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  • [FACES-1814] - Warning in Eclipse: Unnecessary @SuppressWarnings("unchecked")
  • [FACES-1839] - IllegalStateException thrown when navigating to a different view with <redirect/> in a full page postback
  • [FACES-1844] - The jsp-api.jar transitive dependency is not excluded from the icepush.jar dependency
  • [FACES-1861] - jsf2-html5-portlet unable to submit postal code via ajax when running under pluto


  • [FACES-1459] - Support for JSF 2.2
  • [FACES-1802] - Upgrade CDI demo portlets to cdi-portlet-bridge-shared-

New Feature


  • [FACES-1401] - Upgrade from Java 5 to Java 6
  • [FACES-1531] - Develop new 4.1.x branch with compatibility for JSF 2.2 + Liferay Portal 6.1
  • [FACES-1785] - Remove primefaces3-portlet demo from JSF 2.2 branches
  • [FACES-1804] - Deprecate aui-cc composite components in 3.x branches and remove from 4.x branches
  • [FACES-1884] - Deploy 4.x milestone releases to "Liferay Previews" repository at instead of Maven Central
  • [FACES-1885] - Remove all repositories from settings.xml except the public repository at

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