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  • [FACES-2958] - bridge creates invalid URLs when view params contain spaces in liferay
  • [FACES-3220] - Resource URL HTML encoded twice
  • [FACES-3231] - HeadResponseWriters render <script> template child elements as direct children of <head>
  • [FACES-3232] - Bridge does not exclude the "Content-Type" and "Content-Length" properties in the HEADER_PHASE, RENDER_PHASE, and EVENT_PHASE
  • [FACES-3250] - Primefaces file upload mode=simple does not work
  • [FACES-3253] - UploadedFilePart.getBytes() method does not write the exact ranges of bytes read into the byte[] buffer
  • [FACES-3255] - IPC testers set start date later than end date
  • [FACES-3262] - Scripts with CDATA cause parse error during Ajax on Liferay Portal 7.0 GA6
  • [FACES-3264] - PrimeFaces file upload fails with PrimeFaces 6.2



  • [FACES-3085] - Test valid excluded and non-bridge-tck-main-portlet tests via automated TCK tester
  • [FACES-3221] - Remove sysout messages from initialization
  • [FACES-3235] - Consolidate non-PrimeFaces issue portlets into a single issues war
  • [FACES-3236] - Extract Liferay specific TCK tester code into separate jar
  • [FACES-3251] - Move portal-issues-portlet testers into jsf-issues-portlet in bridge-impl repo
  • [FACES-3252] - Work around Mojarra 4340
  • [FACES-3261] - The wrong content type of "text/html" is set for execute "@all" Ajax responses
  • [FACES-3266] - Add FACES-1513-2185-portlet to primefaces-issues and create Selenium tester to test for regressions
  • [FACES-3269] - Upgrade to Mojarra 2.2.17
  • [FACES-3284] - Upgrade to Bridge Ext 5.0.2

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