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  • [FACES-3062] - Integration test do not clean up temp files
  • [FACES-3083] - Page buttons on primefaces-users-portlet still active when they should be disabled.
  • [FACES-3225] - depends on the Java 1.7 diamond operator even though the source level is Java 1.6
  • [FACES-3226] - Missing JUnit imports cause compile failures in
  • [FACES-3243] - portal: components with javascript (captcha, inputRichText, etc) fail to update with Ajax in Liferay 7.0 GA5
  • [FACES-3293] - PrimeFace Users Portlet tester fails when Chrome is used



  • [FACES-3235] - Consolidate non-PrimeFaces issue portlets into a single issues war
  • [FACES-3251] - Move portal-issues-portlet testers into jsf-issues-portlet in bridge-impl repo
  • [FACES-3284] - Upgrade to Bridge Ext 5.0.2
  • [FACES-3285] - Upgrade to Bridge Impl 4.1.1
  • [FACES-3287] - Move jsf-ds-applicant-portlet to the bridge-impl repo
  • [FACES-3291] - Move archetype-portlet to the liferay-faces-site repo

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